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Ferriswheeler Review

    Well, Dave and I finally got to see Ferriswheeler last night. Sort of a funny story. Dave had one of the emails saying they were playing at Cafe Dekcuf about two weeks ago. As it turned out, they had to reschedule that date and someone else was playing Dekcuf. Then we thought it was last week, but that was just a big oops. So finally, we got to see Ferriswheeler last night! heheh.

    Those four put on a really great show. Very tight, well balanced and the sound was amazing. They started out just jamming. Amazing. Songs would start and then drift into some other song only to come back. to the original song. U2 and Blind Melon were the two I recognized but I’m sure there were more.

    Dr Huxtable took over the stage in a rather interesting manner. They swapped in one instrument at a time. Wicked! These guys were good and, according to Dave, it helped that they had a hot singer. ;)

    Well, here’s where it gets a little bad. Dr Huxtable is extremely tight and work well together, but they need to trim down the jams that don’t go anywhere. 30 minutes into them playing and they’d only done three songs, the first of which was the one that they swapped into. They have huge potential but unfortunately I was bored most of the time they played. A couple good hooks would bring me back, but then it would revert to boring jamming with no purpose.

    Don’t get me wrong, jamming is great, as long as it is going somehwere. Repeating the same little rift a couple times because it sounds good the first time through is OK. Repeating it 10 or more times is going to bore the hell out of me.

    Anyways, Ferriswheeler rocked out as usual. Amazing!

    Dr Huxtable has huge potential once they decide to play songs instead of just standing up there playing stuff that fits together all night.

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