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First Snow of the Season

    Well, I got up this morning with the dog around 6:15AM and got to see the start of our first snow of the season. In the hour or so it took to get ready to go to work, my truck was well covered by a blanket of new snow. Fun! It’s stil coming down at a rather heavy rate.

    The drive to work was sort of amusing, a fair number of cars were off the road on the 416, way more than I expected. I guess some people didn’t quite remember how to drive on a snow covered road. I had a little fun in Kemptville before I got to the main road. The truck doesn’t have any weight in the back at the moment so it was a little squirrelly on the corner near the cemetery – how appropriate. ;) I’ll have to get my sandbags in there tonight since they are predicting snow for the next couple days.

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