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Halifax Casino

    I happened to be cleaning out my wallet today and came across my Halifax Casino Player’s Club card. It brought back some fabulous memories because that is where my wife and I spent our first night as a married couple. No, not gambling in the actual Casino, we stayed in one of the Casino Hotel suites with a huge bed and a fabulous hot tub.

    It’s sort of funny that I still have the Player’s Club card considering we never really used it for anything. It was one of those deals where you had to be a member to get the offer but it was free to become a member. Hehe. Sort of funny when you look back at it all. We did leave some of our cash behind in the slot machines though. I’ve never been a huge fan of a casino since I’m not very lucky. I blew my $30 and the $5 that they gave to each of us for joining the Player’s Club pretty quick. I think I was up about $5 at one point and then promptly blew it all.

    My wife on the other hand is much more lucky that I am. She started with $25 and was probably up around $100 for a while. Of course, she kept playing because we didn’t really have anything else to do at that exact moment. In the end she blew everything too. hehe. Oh well.

    Now I’m not entirely sure what my Halifax Casino Player’s Club card will get me. I know you accumulate points the more you play but I don’t know what you can get. I might have to take a look and see if there are any perks.

    Heck, we’re heading back to Halifax just after Christmas so maybe we’ll have to take a swing by the casino and see if I can lose another $35.

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