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Hazzards of Travelling by Airplane

    We’re in Halifax again to take care of some more wedding planning stuff. It’s going quite well considering how we nearly didn’t make it here.

    On Thursday, I was trying very hard to get out of the office by 3PM so I could get home, grab my luggage and get on a bus so we could go to the airport. That would have worked out perfectly had I not be caught with a semi-major issue as I was trying to leave work. Instead, I wasn’t leaving until 3:30PM. Hmm, shouldn’t be too much of an issue, I hope. Of course, that wasn’t the case. The drive home was slow and dangerous (I got cut off on the highway by some doorknob who didn’t bother looking before he changed lanes) but I made it.

    OK, still enough time to go grab the bus and get to the airport. We head down and wait. 5 minutes. No bus. 10 minutes. No bus. 15 minutes. No bus. 5 buses have gone in the opposite direction but none in the direction we want. Now it’s almost 4:15PM. We have an hour and 15 minutes before our flight leaves. The bus alone will take an hour on a good day. Can’t do it. So we rush back to the car, hop in and start driving. Of course, 2 buses show up as soon as we do that. Stupid buses.

    Anyways, we make it to the airport (now paying $12/day to park the car) and get to the check-in counter. The guy there was rather brain dead. Took him longer to process us that the woman beside him took to process two people and answer a multitude of odd questions from a third person. Anyways, we get our tickets and head for the flight.

    Once on the flight, I got stuck sitting in the middle seat between two women. Not really a problem except the woman sitting in the window seat had to get up all the time. Pain in the butt. Speaking of pains in the butt, there were at least two, maybe three women sitting behind me. One of them had to keep announcing that her butt was sore. I kept wanting to turn around and say “Thank-you Captain Obvious” because she also had to annouce every time he ears popped, a noise was heard, the stewardess walked by, or the plane moved in a direction other than the one it was moving in the second before. GACK!

    Anyways, everything ended up better since the flight was early (ie short!) and we didn’t have any more problems. At the rate we were going, I was expecting us to end up somewhere other than Halifax with a broken plane. I wish I could drive as fast as a plan can fly. Then I wouldn’t have to deal with all that crap.

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