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Holy Beefcake Dog!

    Well, we wanted a big dog and it looks like we’re going to get one. Roxie weighed 22lbs as of Friday night. That’s almost a pound a day since we brought her home! She also seems to be longer/taller now. When she jumps up against the baby gate, she can now rest her front paws over top of the gate. Crazy!

    Anyhoo, we went to SuperPet today since they are moving and have 20% off everything in the store. They also had a huge sale on other stuff as well. We picked up a ton of new toys for Roxie, including a whole slew for $2 each. Great fun! She’s going crazy right now running from toy to toy trying to figure out which is best. ;) Hopefully she’ll be stimulated enough. :)

    Update: When weighed Monday night, Roxie was 25lbs! Gack!

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