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k-os – Joyful Rebellion and EMI Copy Controlled Discs

Well, I finally caved in and bought k-os’ joyful Rebellion. Why caved in you ask? Well, this CD isn’t actually a CD. It’s an EMI Copy Controlled Disc which means it doesn’t conform to the Compact Disc standard. Out of curiosity I looked up the disc on BestBuy’s website.

Best Buy Canada – k-os – Joyful Rebellion

Turns out the page makes no mention of the disc being a Copy Controlled Disc.

So what’s the big deal? Well, Copy Controlled Discs don’t play in all CD players. The disc has been corrupted to make it “unreadable” by a computer, in theory, but it also can cause problems for a normal CD player. And why is that a problem? Well, if this disc didn’t work in my CD player, I can’t just take it back to BestBuy since their policy is no returns on open CDs (yeah, but this isn’t a “CD” technically). Best I could do is exchange it for another one claiming it was defective. But then I’d be stuck with another defective disc.

Anyhoo, so why am I bothering with this post at all? Well, I slid the disc into my iBook and iTunes ripped it without any problems. Oh, before you get your knickers in a knot, I live in Canada and I’m allowed to do this according to the Canadian Copyright Act. I rip my music discs so I can put them on my iPod for my personal use. But since I had to pay a $25CAD “levy” on my iPod I’m already branded as a “pirate”. Arrrr Matey!

So what’s the point EMI? You’re probably wasting loads of cash on a useless “technology” that doesn’t work.

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2 thoughts on “k-os – Joyful Rebellion and EMI Copy Controlled Discs”

  1. Yo yo, this is DJ EMI, how you like my work on K-os’ newest CD “Joyful Rebellion”? Its DA BOMB eh?!! I decided to add a scratch ever 9 seconds, followed by a skip here and there, the skipping is random though, i like to keep you on your toes, i call it freestyle mixing. Here’s the best part, its exclusive, only some players will play my work, some just play the lame normal version, you know, and some dont even play it at all! The music that K-os created, is lame, and since he signed a bunch of contracts, I get to flaunt my talents straight up from rich boy brain and it make it dope. DONT DOWNLOAD MUSIC, BUY IT! HEIL HILTER!

    -DJ EMI

  2. Hehe. Thanks for the info DJ EMI! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to listen to your work since it seems iTunes filtered it all out when I ripped my purchased disc to my iBook. Gosh darn it all. ;)

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