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Keep your Receipts

    Keep your receipts!

    For the first time ever, I am disputing a charge on my credit card. I’ve been really lucky I guess because I’ve never had a problem before. It’s actually a very minor charge for a pizza we bought from a local place a month or so ago. Turns out I got double charged even though the first transaction was canceled due to a “communication error” with the card reader. I even got the receipt stating it was canceled.

    Unfortunately I didn’t keep that receipt.

    I contacted the credit card company after I noticed the transaction when I was looking at my stuff online a couple weeks later. I called them up only to find out that yes, I can dispute the transaction but it would be much quicker if I had the receipts. Well, unfortunately I didn’t keep them so now it looks like I’m going to be out. Apparently there is a reasonable chance that I’ll get my money back but without the receipts it’s going to take a fair bit longer.

    Keep your receipts!

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