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Kemptville Map

    I wanted to create a Kemptville Map so I played around with the Google Maps API for a couple weeks. I ended up creating a simple Kemptville Ontario Information Map using the API but it’s been very difficult for me to find time to populate the map. Ideally I’d like to be able to pull information from some where and filter it down to just places within the Kemptville area. The problem with the normal Google Local interface is that it doesn’t allow you to filter down to a certain area. If I search for some business I know is in Kemptville, it can finds hits in Ottawa and Brockville. That results in a semi-useless search.

    My original plan was to start putting together a simple database of local businesses and landmarks, mostly pulled off of the North Grenville website. Basically something with similar information from their business directory, but that would give you a map to the location.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll be able to find some time over the Christmas season to get a little bit more work done on some of these crazy ideas I have. ;)

    Updated: Ooops! In one of my site changes I deleted the map. Since I won’t get around to updating it, I’m unlinking the page.

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