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KFC Value?

kfc.jpgSo I went to KFC down the road with my girlfriend tonight because we were too lazy to make something for supper. I figured I’d go big and get the three piece combo because I was feeling a little more hungry than usual. My girlfriend opted for the new boneless BBQ wings (which are rather tasty by the way).

Anyhoo, when we got home, I opened up my three piece expecting to spend the next 30 minutes at least devouring a big feed of the dirty bird.

Boy was I ever in for a surprise. I had a wing from what looks like a sparrow, a drumstick that is definately not from a full grown chicken and a breast piece that appears to have had most of the meat cut off of it. It looked like my girlfriend’s 6 boneless BBQ wings had more meat than my entire 3 piece combo.

I paid $14 for the two meals. We could have gone across the street to the grocery store and bought a full roast chicken, box of fries (about 2/3 the size of the 3 piece box) and a salad about the size of a KFC medium salad. All that would have been $9.99 + tax. The last time I bought that deal, we had leftovers for the next day.

Will I be going back to KFC anytime soon? Not unless it’s the only place to eat within a 5 hour drive.

12 thoughts on “KFC Value?”

  1. Just curious, I see some weird layout when loading this blog using Mac OSX. Maybe it is only my problem.

  2. I agree and if you check out my blog I have made post with a similar complaint. My post has gotten a few replies

  3. alll u little healthy freaks out ther can get fukd!!! u suk i had a decent sized meal just yeaterday.. best chikin out!!! yeeeooow!!!!! me nd my bud sarah, lather our selfs in greasy chikin~!!! put that in ur pipe and smoke it!!! i lov ethe kernal… get in his pants any day

  4. el pollito de kentucky mmmmmmmmmmmmmm esta rikisimo para chuparse los dedos I LOVE KENTUCKY MMMMMMM I LIKE estan ricas sus amburguesas las amo

  5. I work at KFC and i know that the box that that is in is not from KFC it is from Bojangles!!!!!!! So who is the smart one now??????? I think I have worked there long enough to know what our chicken looks like. TTYL. Peace Out!!!!!!

  6. You should try those new Famous Bowls they have out. The thing has gravy AND cheese on it. How gross is that? I bet only really fat people eat that…

  7. You do not even know how that chicken suffered to get in your stomach. chickens have their beaks cut off, while there still alive, have their feathers ripped out, and then are thrown into boiling hot water, also while they are still alive. And dont think that chickens cannot feel pain, because they can. Scientists have proven that chickens are just as smart as dogs and cats. so next time you think about eating chicken, think off how it got there.
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