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Kim Campbell says Harper won’t win

    Kim Campbell says Harper won’t win

    “Their (the Conservative party’s) positions are too socially conservative, I think, to form a government in Canada. People may like their fiscal policies but they’re frightened by their social conservatism…It’s a pity because it denies people a choice on policy issues.

    I think Kim Campbell has hit that bang on. This election is going to be one of the toughest ones to vote in. If Harper was to drop the seriously right-wing portions of his platform, his party might actually stand a chance of getting votes from former Liberal supporters who want to get rid of what they view as a corrupt government. Most Liberal voters won’t even consider Harper simply because of his social stance.

    Unfortunately, the “new” Conservatives are way to conservative for me and Harper doesn’t come across very well at times. Too bad Peter MacKay didn’t win the leadership of the party, I’d vote for him.

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