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LED Christmas Lights Should Be Taken Down Before Spring

    Picture of LED Christmas lights that are missing one bulb

    I’ve often read that you should take your LED Christmas light down before spring comes but I always assumed it was one of those things to not be “tacky”. Well, here is a good reason to take your LED Christmas lights down before spring.

    Yes, one of the local squirrels appears to have decided to take one of the bulbs off of the string of LED lights. This string of lights was on the tree in our front yard and I guess it looked nice and tasty. Too bad the lights weren’t on at the time the squirrel ate through the wires.

    Oh, and don’t worry, the lights have been off the tree for a few months now. If they were really still up at the end of June, they may as well stay until the next spring.

    The good part about this is I had been contemplating a conversion of one of the sets of lights into a solar LED light set. Now I don’t have to “sacrifice” a set as the squirrel did that for me already.

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