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Liberals vow to ban handguns

    Apparently the Liberals vow to ban handguns if elected. This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard yet. The reason that the Liberals vow to ban handguns? To attempt to reduce the number of gun crimes.


    Banning handguns will not reduce the number of crimes committed with handguns. As the saying goes “Ban X and only criminals will have X”. By banning handguns, the government simply annoys Jane & Joe Average taxpayer who happen to own a handgun. These law abiding people are forced to dispose of their handguns because they have been banned. Meanwhile, John & Sally Criminal quite gleefully laugh since the handguns they have are already illegal (most likely not registered) and remain that way. Amazingly, those illegal handguns will keep showing up and being used in crimes. Why? Because a ban can only be enforced on law abiding citizens.

    Under the current system, handguns are prohibited but people are allowed to possess a restricted firearm for target practice, target shooting competitions, to form part of a collection or, in rare cases, for employment purposes or to protect your life.

    So if the Liberals vow to ban handguns, I think I need to vow to ban Brussel Sprouts. Then we law abiding citizens won’t have to eat Brussel Sprouts and the criminals can eat all they want.

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