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libxklavier-2.0 – Gnome 2.10 – GCC 2.x

    If you’re trying to build Gnome 2.10 from source you might be interested in the following bug, expecially if you are unfortunate like me and stuck with GCC 2.96.

    Bug 169567 – libxklavier not c89-compliant.

    It took me a couple days to finally track down why libxklavier-2.0 wasn’t compiling for me. I managed to catch the first files’ errors but couldn’t figure out the last ones until I found the bug. Looking back, now I see it’s just a matter of somewhat sloppy coding style (declaring variables after executable code).

    I ran into this while using the very cool Garnome tool which allows you to build Gnome in user space. Just what I need for my Linux box at work.

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