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Marriage, Names and Cheques

Cheques are funny.

As some of you know, I’ve recently become a married man (Woo-hoo!) and thus I’ve recently been the recipient of numerous gifts. One thing we discovered yesterday when we went to cash some of the cheques given to us is that the name on the cheque really has to match the account.

Well, that’s sort of a problem when the name on the cheque is a woman’s assumed married name (ie the last name of the groom that people often assume she will take) and she doesn’t have any identification with that name. It’s also a problem when there are two names on the cheque and you don’t have a joint account.

Luckily the manager at TD Canadatrust was kind enough to allow us to cash the cheques we had, even though the names were all screwed up. Probably helped that The Boss is currently carrying around a copy of our marriage license and was able to show we just got married.

So what did we learn from this? Always put one name on the cheque if you aren’t sure they have a joint account. Make sure the name is the pre-marriage name of the bride or the full name of the groom too.

One of our cheques had only our first names on it and no last name. That could have been super difficult if not for the understanding manager. ;)

1 thought on “Marriage, Names and Cheques”

  1. Yup. Story from a friend who works for a bank.
    Client opens account with first and last name. Over the years slows starts to use nick/middle name and changes IDs to reflect this. Years past and finally needs something corrected at the bank but client’s not allowed to because he can’t prove that he is who he says he is. No ID!

    Kinda funny if you ask me.


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