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Mastercraft Life-time Warranty

I really like life-time warranties. Canadian Tire’s Mastercraft brand carries a life-time warranty on almost all of their hand tools. It’s one of the reasons I will actually spend the couple extra bucks on a Mastercraft branded tool instead of one of the no name ones.

I recently had to return my Mastercraft 25′ measuring tape as it had sprung out (or whatever it’s called when the tape will no longer retract). Interestingly enough, this is the second one I’ve had to get replaced for the same reason. I’m not entirely sure why I’m “lucky” like this. I barely use the measuring tape. I had to get the first one replaced within a week of buying it. The second time was just last week.

So, instead of having to go buy another $14.99 measuring tape, I just walk in and show them my broken one. They get me a replacement one and I walk out with a new measuring tape. Fantastic. The best part is you don’t need your receipt to do this either, well, as long as they can identify the tool is really a Mastercraft tool.

Of course, for anything with a long term warranty it’s always a good idea to keep those receipts.

32 thoughts on “Mastercraft Life-time Warranty”

  1. Don’t forget to make a photocopy of those receipts… the ink has this tendancy to fade after awhile.


  2. Not so thrilled with Mastercraft tools but love the warranty. Untill yesterday; when a branch manager told me that it doesn’t apply to professionals. Their latest model 4.5″ angle grinders give up sometimes in 20 minutes and rarely last more than a month in light use. 3 years instantly became 6 months because the tools are garbage. I will be looking further into this as he was unable to show where this ‘home use’ provision could be found in writing and i suspect he was making it up.

  3. I’m starting to loose my faith in the mastercraft line. On a Tap&Die set which is clearly marked “Lifetime Warrenty” not “Limited Lifetime Warrenty” I was told just the other day that the warrenty does not cover the drillbits, Taps, & dies in the kit, which only leaves the Tap & Die Wrenches. What kind of false advertising is this?

  4. My store would not return a gear wrench because I was using it on my Farm (which in there eyes is professional use) ??

  5. TOTALLY LOST FAITH IN MASTERCRAFT TOOLS… I purchased a Mastercraft “Professional” 1/4″ drive socket wrench and went to use it to remove the retaining nut for my windshield wiper arm and it stripped the ratchet. I took it back to my local CT store and even thou it still looked new and had “Mastercraft” and their product prominently displayed on the ratchet I was informed I was going to receive less than half of my original purchase price back in store credit as that model no longer was manufactured and a repair kit was not available. Their reason for the discounted store credit was that I did not have my reciept and the tool went on the discontinued table at some point in time. I informed them that I have purchased their brand of tools for over 20 years and relied on their lifetime warranty. I kindly reminded them that they were not the only tool retailer and would switch to a real company that stood behind their tools and warranty. Hello Craftsman, I think I found myself a new best friend!!!

  6. to increase the life of your tape measure try to let it retract slowly using the brake (or by holding it) instead of just letting go and letting it reel in at maximum speed.

    thats a common cause of the spring letting go.

    if you already do that then they are just crappy tapes :( but my mastercraft tape works quite well and has for quite some time under semi-regular use.

  7. i was told mastercraft wont stand behind the stamp in the tools anymore and a reciept is required………

  8. I returned a 1/2″ Mastercraft drill which I have used for several years. It developed a “shimmy” that broke small bits. I took it back with no receipt and even though it was discontinued, they replaced it with a comparable model. No muss, no fuss. The new one even came with a case and 100 bits and screwdriver tips.

    These tools are not the best quality but if they honor their guarantees like this, who cares?

  9. I took back a 1/4 roundover router bit they would not replace it without a receipt it was a mastercraft product It was given to me as a gift so I had no receipt . The shaft was bent on it .

    1. That sucks Sam. If possible, try at another CT store. Unfortunately, it sounds like it varies from location to location. I would hope that it wasn’t the case and they would stand behind their branded products as advertised.

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  11. …DON’T BUY MASTERCRAFT!! As of Nov 2010, their new policy is “no receipt, no return, no exchange” They have effectively voided their own ‘lifetime’ warranty, and nullified all previous warranties on their tools…speaking from my own experience, I don’t have every receipt for every tool I’ve purchased over the last however many years, some of my tools are indeed 8 to 10 years old…but now they have no further coverage if I can’t produce a receipt…so if my 3 year-old ratchet wrench or maybe the socket set I got for Xmas has a problem or failure, I’m completely S.O.L. …nice to see that this company, that used to be proud to be called Canadian, no longer cares about the people that have supported its’ growth for so many years…now it’s grown too big to care anymore…

  12. I am looking for an address to send my mastercraft rotary tool to be repaired or replaced under warrant or a phone number to call and talk to someone

  13. i bought a hammer drill and used it for about 30 minutes and it craped out totally siezed up.i tokk it back to the store,couldnt find my reciept and they sent me packing.What a the past they have been good with warranty but this is a joke.#0 freakin minutes and the girl there even remembered me.I reminded them that this is a small town…..Gibsons/Sechelt and there is a Sears store in both towns.

  14. want to here something funny .me and my son inlaw got a multi power tool for 2010 christmas we both love it ,it does a good job .last week he told me it dont work any more and ask me how was mine and i said ok and loves it .but today i needed it to vut a small piece of wood but it stop all of a suddent so checking the batary it was low it was on the charger several days so why not work so i put it back on .charger not working .is that not funny . thats not all we both dont have a reciept .contac canian tire and they said as of nov 2010 that you must have a recept bunkers

  15. I just took my 1/2″ Mastercraft rachet back to the store after having it for 25 years. He replaced it. NO questions asked!

    I am impressed.

  16. Canadian tire does not have a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the hand tools. Mastercraft is Canadian Tire. We were told we need a receipt. If something was bought 20 years ago, we would not have a receipt.

    If you go to Sears and buy Craftsman tools, you DO have a lifetime warranty Same goes with Snap On.

    Why waste your money at Canadian Tire.

    I am not a happy camper.


    1. Did you get yours replaced? I encounter the same problem for my MasterCraft 7.2 v drill, but I’m living in US now.

  18. My wife bought me 10 inch lazer shop saw for Christmas 2011, I took it out of the box and put it in storage room in the basement. On Tuesday Feb 02/12 I took it out to cut trim for the basement and the saw would not work. All the lights came on but the saw wouldn’t start. I took it back to the store this morning and I don’t have the receipt and was told told to contact Master Craft myself.
    My wife was not told at point of puchase that she needed the receipt for warranty.
    So I’ll go buy another one and keep reciept and take the one back that does not work like the one I got from the person that did this before me.
    I’ll get a friend to take it back because they ask ask your name and postal code when retuning something in case they follow these remarks and my e-mail is included in this.
    I’ll be with him and plug it in before we leave the store.

  19. I was told at one store they would not replace my 1/2″ broken ratchet handle as the manager thought it was not mastercraft but was stamped CANADIAN TIRE on it instead
    I took it to another store and they were ready to give me a replacement that i think is inferior.
    the square drive is hollow,did not have the knurled grip ,only one ejection pin and no thumb spinner when the nut is freed up.My question is could they not repair it if they don’t have the
    same type of replacement.I did not take the replacement as i would like to see if there is a repair component i could get to fix it and keep my old tool.I had it for christmas 20+ years ago.

  20. Any power tool has a limited warranty on it. usually 3yrs, with this in mind why not hold onto the reciept it makes sense on a limited warranty people would hold onto the reciept, how else will canadian tire know when it was purchased. if it were purchased with credit card or by debit you can request them to look up the reciept. they must have a copy of it for 7years.

  21. I recently had a small heater replaced by a canadian tire represenative, that clearly did not have to replace it. But saw that we were repeat customers and do bussiness there often.I wasn’t asking for the money back. And could not even show a receipt but she assed the situation and made a judgment call and replaced it. I just want to thank her. And i will be shopping there for years to come.

  22. Total garbage = new MC line. Their tools are becoming toys. A MC 20 years ago was great. Today its worthless.

    Did I mention total luck of customer support?

    If I need something cheap I go to princess auto. Mid range is Home Depot. Expensive is Bee Tools. CT is for oil for my truck – that is it.

  23. B*****t.
    The lifetime warranty usually applies to basic stuff like wrenches, hammers etc. stuff that that rarely breaks down.
    I just bought a mastercraft digital caliper, and guess what? there is no warranty at all on it whatsoever. and guess why? this item tends to break very easily.

  24. Mastercraft tools are decidedly of inferior quality. My neighbour and I have experienced the same run around and refusal to honor their warranty. No more Cdn Tire tools, no matter what brand they flog.

  25. went to take back a 1/2″ MC Maximum ratchet recently. It plainly has marks on the head and direction leaver from being bashed with things (can’t remember why I did that but there must have been a reason) They were ready to replace it without even asking what was wrong at two stores I went to but both were out of stock when they went to look on the shelf. They recommended me to a location that has stock on hand, offered to replace it with a standard mastercraft ratchet or I could hold out till they have stock again. I just don’t see warranty as an issue if you are nice to them. I’ve also had a socket set replaced because the sockets started to develop rust. Again, no receipt, and no hassles.

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