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Microterry inserts better for boys?

So after my rant and raving about how I LOVE our hemp/cotton inserts.. and still do by the way, I have learned something new. I was talking with a lady from my Parent and Tot swimming class and she said that hemp didn’t work for her son and that she preferred the microterry inserts since he was a “fast” pee’er and they soaked it up faster then the hemp insert. So food for thought, hemp inserts hold more apparently but are slower to absorb (so maybe better for girls) and microterry inserts hold less (much less in my opinion) but are fast absorbing so better for last pee’ers like boys.

1 thought on “Microterry inserts better for boys?”

  1. Dunno but one time I had E getting air time sitting on a lined pad, it came out pretty quick.

    I guess what you need is a terry lined hemp insert.
    One to ‘wick’ away all the liquid, and the other to hold it all.


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