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More on Hazzards of Travelling by Airplane

    Well, we made it back this morning. I’m done flying for a while now. I like the speed of it but I hate the total lack of control and having to deal with so many idiots all at once.

    I was expecting our day to be off to a bad start when we got to the airport with our pre-check-in passes (Canjet has some neat stuff) and one of the counter clerks hollered out to us that we were in the wrong line. We were actually in the correct line but she assumed we didn’t know better than her. Anyhoo, we ended up getting that clerk and she looked at our passes and apologized saying we were actually in the correct line. No worries. We breezed through everything else. Well, except that the Boss got searched in security because of an umbrella she had in her carry on. They didn’t even look at me as usual. Guess I’m not as cute as the Boss. ;)

    Only other annoyance was a group of women on the airplane that took for frickin’ ever to find their seats with us standing there waiting for them to move out of the way. Jebus. Is it that difficult to just step out of the way for 10 seconds to let someone else go by in the row so you can get back to fidgetting with your bag, pillow or blanket?

    Blah. Anyhoo, getting up at 4:30AM is nuts and I’m hoping I can make it through the rest of the day without crashing too badly.

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