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New Corn Snake Enclosure

    I finally got around to getting a new home for our corn snake. I had been trying to find what’s called a 40 gallon long tank. It’s length and width are the same as a “standard” 55 gallon tank (48″ x 12″). I never did find that tank though and I ended up buying a 48 gallon tank which is actually the same dimensions only a little taller but still shorter than a 55 gallon tank. Yeah, sort of silly, I know.

    The whole plan to get a new enclosure has been going for almost a year now. When the 40G long tank became very difficult to get (ie impossible) I started to consider building an enclosure. The problem is I couldn’t use pine or cedar because they give off oils that aren’t good for corns. Of course, the other problem was how to seal the wood so it can be easily cleaned. Then I realized that I needed at least a partial glass bottom so I could put a heating pad on one side. And it goes on and on. I would love to have an enclosure that opens in the front. That’s the biggest problem right now and also why I didn’t want the 55 gallon tank. It’s quite difficult to reach the bottom of the tank if it’s on a surface that is too high off the floor.

    Anyhoo, so I picked up a 48 gallon, almost double the amount of floor space of the old tank. Little Head has been exploring quite a bit. Hopefully it’s not too big for her and she’ll settle down over the next day or so.

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