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Noma LED Christmas Lights Sold Out!

This past weekend I went into the Canadian Tire here in Kemptville looking for two more sets of Noma LED Christmas lights. I was looking specifically for the 100 LED C6 sized multi-colour light sets. Unfortunately I was greeted by empty shelves where the lights would normally be.  Turns out they were completely sold out and had been for a few days.  I looked a little more and all that was left were the “white” LED strings, the silly large bulb (C9 size?) light sets and a handful of single colour sets.

I came home and did a inventory check through their website and discovered that even some of the bigger stores in Ottawa were also sold out of the multi-colour light sets.

We were in town on Monday so I took the opportunity to swing by one of the bigger stores that was supposed to have stock.  Yes, they did have about 5 boxes but they must have all been returns as the boxes were all beat to shit.  No way am I going to buy a set of LED lights that someone else has returned.  I’ve been lucky so far with my Noma LED lights and I’m not going to take a chance on ones that someone else got pissed off with.

Anyways, I was looking for more lights to “complete” my plans for this year on the house.  Looks like that will have to wait for next year now.

Amazing though, LED Christmas lights sold out by the first weekend in December.

2 thoughts on “Noma LED Christmas Lights Sold Out!”

  1. Jeff,
    I bought three strings of lights and wanted to mix them up in order (red, green, blue) and then discovered only half the lights on a string work now. Originally they worked with only one colour on each string. What is the purpose of the “every now and then” slightly larger bulb?

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