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Noma “Super Bright” LED Christmas Lights

This season, Noma has introduced a new line of “Super Bright” LED Christmas lights.  I picked up a string of 70 “Super Bright”  multi-coloured LED Christmas lights last night from Canadian Tire and they really are much brighter than the older style Noma LED Christmas lights.

Noma Super Bright LED Christmas light box
Noma Super Bright LED Christmas light box

The two immediate advantages to the Noma “Super Bright” LED Christmas lights are the ability to change the lights and the fact the string is fused!  Included in the box were two additional fuses and two replacement LED “bulbs”. Yippee, we potentially can now have no more burned out LED lights!

Fuses and extra LED bulbs included
Fuses and extra LED bulbs included

Oh, and by “changing the lights”, I mean you can change the order in which the lights are on the string.  You just pull off the coloured plastic strawberry shaped light and swap it with any of the other lights on the string.  Super!

Unfortunately the Noma “Super Bright” LED Christmas lights are not perfect.  They are supposed to have yellow and orange lights but there is very little difference between the two colours.  It’s sort of like bright yellow and not so bright yellow. If you notice in the (crappy) picture below, the “Super Bright” LED lights around the front window are brighter and more yellow than the others.

This is unfortunate as the biggest complaint about the older LED lights was that the blue and green were overpowering.  Now you just get a whole lot of yellow.

Noma LED lights outside - Super Bright are around front window
Noma LED lights outside - Super Bright are around front window

Also, be careful with the length of this string of lights.  The set of 70 is supposed to be 23′ long but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  One review on the Canadian Tire page linked above says their set was only 17′ long.  I didn’t measure mine before installing but the string of lights is definitely not 23′ long.  Maybe if you put the thing on a rack and stretch it out completely straight it might be close.

Finally, make sure you keep your receipt!  The box indicates a 5 year warranty (as does the instruction sheet inside) but it explicitly states you must have proof of purchase.  Go and put that receipt in a safe spot now.

5 year warranty on the box and in the box
5 year warranty on the box and in the box

4 thoughts on “Noma “Super Bright” LED Christmas Lights”

  1. I/we think the Super Bright Noma lights are very nice , and I would like to buy more .
    Does any one know what happened to them , as they seem to have been discontinued .

  2. Where can I get a 3.2 v (1200 mAh) lithium-ion battery for my NOMA eco-bright solar powered LED Christmas lights? I bought a set last year, and they don’t work this year.
    Phil Masters
    341 Berkeley Street
    Toronto Canada
    M5A 2X6

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