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Non-recyclable product packaging

My biggest gripe these days is with non-recyclable product packaging. I don’t just mean packaging materials that are completely non-recyclable, I also mean packaging that would be recyclable if it actually had a number marked on it.

Here in Kemptville we can recycle everything that is marked. Since box board and paper are pretty easy to figure out, that’s not part of my gripe. It’s all about the plastics. Anytime you buy something in a box, it typically comes with some form of plastic inside. Most of the time, those plastic bags don’t have a recycling number on them. Unfortunately, without a recycling number, that plastic becomes trash. We’re only allowed to recycle marked items as unmarked items make it too expensive to sort once it arrives at the recycling depot.

The other reason I don’t like non-recyclable product packaging is because I have to pay to have my garbage collected. Since I have to pay a fee per bag of garbage, the more non-recyclable product packaging I have to throw out, the more I have to pay.

So to all the manufacturers out there, start marking your plastics so we can reduce the amount of non-recyclable product packaging that is getting into our landfills and so I can save a few bucks on my garbage collection costs.

3 thoughts on “Non-recyclable product packaging”

  1. I agree with you that manufacturers need to produce recyclable packaging and think more of the long term in scenes of our growing landfills. Every time we buy something contained in plastic, it become automatic waste ; one time use only. It really creates a problem in our world, precious land is becoming waste land, and all the toxins from it are released into your water system, which creates a whole new problem. They and us as consumers need to think of what we buy and how it is packaged because we have choices. These choices we humans make may ultimately lead to either a complete plastic garbage world, OR we can stop our bad habits now, and save the planet we live on from continuity of destruction.

    1. Nope. I can’t name any.

      My gripe is with (mostly) plastic packaging that does not have the plastic number printed on it. Many municipalities don’t allow you to put “un-marked” plastics in the recycling bins because it can’t be easily identified when sorted.

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