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Nutrience Dog Food

    We’re in the process of switching Roxie to Nutrience dog food because we wanted something with a little more extra than the Iams puppy food she was on. One of the major reasons for picking Nutrience was that is has Glucosamine, Condroitin and Vitamin C. We plan to continue supplementing Roxie with Glucosamine, Condroitin, MSM and Vitamin C simply because we’ve seen a pretty good change in her behaviour since we started supplementing.

    Nutrience is supposed to be a better quality food too and the price isn’t too bad. We had been considering switching to Eukanuba but the price is much higher for what appears to be a comparable food. The local SuperPet also has a deal where if you buy 6 bags of Nutrience in a year, they will give you a 7.5kg bag free. Taking that into consideration, we’re going to be paying only a couple bucks more a bag for the Nutrience than what we were paying for the Iams.

    Roxie seems to enjoy the Nutrience dog food so far. Of course, we’re mixing it in with her existing food so it’s going to be about a week before she gets just Nutrience dog food. We actually thought it was sort of funny that on the large breed puppy food bag it has a picture of a Saint Bernard. Almost as if it’s made specifically for her. hehe.

    We figure two bags of the puppy food will get us to her first birthday and then we’ll switch to the adult Nutrience dog food. Well, all of this is assuming that she continues to eat the stuff and it agrees with her stomach.


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