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Ontario Easter Weekend Shopping

Well, it’s a good thing I looked this one up. If you’re in Ontario and were planning on an Ontario Easter weekend shopping spree, you’ll have to remember that it’s only one day long. Saturday is the only day you will be able to go shopping as both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are days that most retail stores in Ontario must be closed.

MGS: Retail closings during Easter weekend

Shoppers and merchants are reminded that under the Retail Business Holidays Act, both Good Friday (April 14) and Easter Sunday (April 16) are among the eight days annually when most stores must be closed.

Good thing I’ve already grabbed most of my supplies for the weeekend painting project. Even so, I’m probably going to be cursing the no Ontario Easter weekend shopping at some point on Good Friday or Easter Sunday because it’s almost guaranteed I’ve forgotten to pick something up. It’s also too bad that in the news release from the Ministry of Government Services they don’t mention the other 6 days that retail stores must be closed.

3 thoughts on “Ontario Easter Weekend Shopping”

  1. I wish Ontario was more like the East Coast and everything was at least closed on Sunday. It’s nice to have at least one day a week where you can relax and not worry about running around buying stuff. Ontario seems to be more Americanized with the need to be able to shop 24/7.

  2. Ah, but that’s the beauty of living on the border of the fair province of Quebec. Quebec stores are open for business on Good Friday. (But closed, I think, on Monday?)

  3. I like being able to shop on Saturday and/or Sunday. Since I work all week, it means I don’t have to scramble to get all of our shopping for the week done on one specific day.

    Oh, and I tried to figure out when you can shop in Quebec over the Easter weekend and it looks like most stores are only closed on Easter Sunday. Everything seems to be able to be open on Good Friday and there wasn’t really any mention about Easter Monday shopping in Quebec.

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