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The OOo 2.0beta has been out for a while now but I’ve been unable to try it out until just now. Why? Because for some reason they decided to release it as a tared set of RPMs. That’s pretty much usless for anyone who doesn’t have root access on their machine. I don’t have root access on my work machine and it’s the place where OOo is of most use.

Anyhoo, turns out you can force the RPMs to extract in user space by using the following command (note that you’ll have to supply your own new root location):

rpm -vihr/my/new/root/OOo-2.0b/ --badreloc --relocate "/=/my/new/root/OOo-2.0b/" *rpm

You’ll probably have to copy your existing RPM data into your new root though with something like this first:

mkdir -p /my/new/root/var/lib/rpm
cp -R /var/lib/rpm/* /my/new/root/var/lib/rpm

All the executables should then be in /my/new/root/opt/ and you can run them from there.

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  1. I was beating my head on this too, and thank you so much for posting this.

    I had to modify your instructions a bit. I’m using redhat7.2:

    setenv z /my/new/root
    mkdir -p $z/var/lib/rpm
    cp -r /var/lib/rpm/* $z/var/lib/rpm
    mkdir $/z/var/tmp
    rpm -vihr$z/ –badreloc –relocate “/=$z/” *.rpm

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