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Ottawa Highway 417 Carling Ave Rapid Replacement (Time Lapse)

    On the weekend of July 13-14, 2013, the Carling Ave 417 overpasses were replaced using the proven rapid replacement method. As with the Kirkwood Ave replacement that happened last weekend, MTO provided a webcam so you could watch the progress overnight. Well, since I like to sleep at night, I just grabbed the images from the webcam every 30 seconds and stitched together the following video.

    As you can see, the angle of the camera vs the work lights at night results in a very dark view once the sun goes down.  Thankfully I also managed to snag the webcam images from the MTO’s Compass Traffic camera that is near Carling. The following video is much more clear but the refresh rate is only in the 2-4 minute range so it’s a little more choppy.


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