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Ottawa Hwy 417 Kirkwood Rapid Replacement (Time Lapse)

    On the July 6 – 7, 2013 weekend, the Highway 417 Kirkwood overpasses were replaced using the proven Rapid Replacement method. I stitched together the following time-lapse video from the webcam feed provided by the MTO.

    We’ve had many of the bridges on the 417 replaced using this method and now it’s a little less “exciting” to see such a huge structure moved around so easily. Ah, the wonders of Engineering – making really amazing stuff “normal”. :)

    Oh, and I’ve put this video on Youtube. My first one ever. Ooooo. I’m going to dig up my old Rapid Replacement videos too and put them on Youtube also given the problems I’ve been having with hosting recently. The Clyde Avenue Bridge Rapid Replacement was completed in 2007 and the Island Park Bridge Rapid Replacement was completed in 2008.

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