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Corn Snake TV

    Now you can watch Corn Snake TV! hehehe. This has to be the stupidest idea yet, but I want to be able to see my little corn snake while at work. I just discovered that the webcam software I’m using allows you to setup for motion detecting. Cool. I hope it works for capturing the snake motion because it’s pretty small in that huge terrarium.
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    SQOTD: Merging

      SQOTD: You’ve just merged into traffic on a very busy highway with 4 lanes going in your direction. Do you:
      a) Stay in your wide open lane and start to accelerate?
      b) Stay in your wide open lane with your left turn signal on and accelerate?
      c) Move into the wide open lane to the left of you once you have checked that there is nothing there (there isn’t)?
      d) Slow down to half the speed limit and have your passenger try and tell you when to change lanes instead of making use of the wide open lane in front of you!
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      Ferriswheeler Review

        Well, Dave and I finally got to see Ferriswheeler last night. Sort of a funny story. Dave had one of the emails saying they were playing at Cafe Dekcuf about two weeks ago. As it turned out, they had to reschedule that date and someone else was playing Dekcuf. Then we thought it was last week, but that was just a big oops. So finally, we got to see Ferriswheeler last night! heheh.
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