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Pocket Change Diaper – Disappointment

So we decided to buy a few “cheaper” Fuzzi Bunz like diapers called Pocket Change Diapers from Montana’s Diaper Store. They are new on the market and actually come with both a terry AND a hemp insert and only for $17.95US. It’s a great deal so we (aka I) decided to buy 6 of these diapers. When they arrived I wasn’t overly impressed with how they went on our baby, they just didn’t seem to snap on as easily as the Fuzzi Bunz but we slowly warmed up to them and learned the knack of proper diaper placement. Now the inserts also took some warming up to, unlike my Jamtots hemp/cotton inserts, the hemp inserts that came with the Pocket Change diapers took almost 2 months of washing before they would even soak liquid up the back of the insert. This of course resulted in some leaks and a saturated bum for our baby.. yuck!

Anyways, my first disappointment came when the red diaper consistently leaked around the legs. I contacted the owner of the store (in freaking Montana…), and after some problem solving e-mails she asked me to send the diaper back to her and she would gladly replace it with a new one. I was impressed. I didn’t get around to sending it immediately and then I went away on some holidays. When I got back I noticed that one of the other diapers had lost its elastic in the back and contacted her again, she again asked me to send the diaper back (since it had only been 2 months) and she would gladly replace it… awesome. That same day another one lost its elastic. Long story short, I ended up sending back 3 of the 6 diapers I bought from them and it cost me $6.20CAN shipping to return them.

So, the customer service at Montana’s Diaper Store is just fantastic but the Pocket Change Diapers in my opinion are certainly… just ok.

5 thoughts on “Pocket Change Diaper – Disappointment”

  1. I just bought 4 of the seconds of these pocket change diapers. :-( I hope mine dont give me as much trouble! If so I guess I will just sell them on ebay. Mine are seconds so I dont think I can send them back like you did yours.

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  3. I have 4 of these diapers and have had no problems at all. I lOVE them and have suggested them to all the cloth diaper moms I know!

  4. I love, love, love these dipes! Wish all I had was PC! I have had no problems w/them. Love them WAY better than BG or FB!!

  5. I also love these diapers. FB and BG wore out for me. I loved my FB until I tried these. I recommend them to everyone and will never buy another brand! have been using the same ones for 2 years, no problems.

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