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Residents duped in blackened money scam

    Apparently someone in Mississauga Ontario was conned out of $49,000, yes, fourty-nine thousand dolllars, by two men who identified themselves as being from Nigeria.

    From the article on the CBC website, Residents duped in blackened money scam, it seems that two men tried to pass off “blackened” US money that was being transported from Nigeria to the US. The money was apparently blackened to “disguise” it.

    I don’t know which is more amusing, the fact the people pulling the scam actually identified themselves as being from Nigeria or that someone who was scammed out of $49,000 in an obviously illegal act actually complained to police. Seriously, what were they thinking? Two guys approach you and claim to have a lot of disguised, smuggled US dollars from (of all places) Nigeria, home to the notorious Nigerian 419 scam. You actually fork over $49,000 to these men presumably because the “blackened” money they are giving you is worth a lot more than that. Warning! Warning! This is too good to be true! After you realize that you’ve just been scammed you actually call the cops?

    “Uh, yes Officer, I bought a large quanitity of illegally imported cash from two guys who came up to me on the street. Turns out they sold me paper. Can you get my money back?”
    “<uncontrollable laughter>”
    “<more laughter, gasping for air>”

    Oh, my.

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