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Round 4 Layoff Day

It has begun

Well, emails are being sent out now for various meetings. I’ve yet to receive one. Who knows what that means. One of the people in my group did get an email. Not sure yet what is going on.

This is by far the worst part of the whole layoff process. Knowing that today is the day but just waiting to find out your fate. I hate this part the most. Everything leading upto this day is easy. You just come to work, speculate on what’s going to happen and then you go home. Today I sit here wondering wtf is going to happen. Why didn’t I get an email? What does that mean? Why did someone else get an email? Is that bad for them?

I hate this part the most. Waiting.

Well, looks like I’m still employed. For now anyways. We shall see what the next 3 months or so brings.

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