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Roxie the Saint Bernard Labrador Mix

Roxie the Saint Bernard Labrador mix has been gracing us with her presence for almost 2 years now. She’s become one heck of a great dog, especially around the munchkin. Some of you may recall that Roxie has grade 4 hip dysplasia and thus she basically has no hips. Well, I’m happy to say that she’s a happy active dog that runs, climbs stairs and does almost everything she wants. We haven’t been doing anything special for her with respect to the hip dysplasia as she’s been quite good all summer. We’ll see how the colder weather treats her as she may have a flare up of arthritis like symptoms. Then we’ll probably get her back on the glucosamine, chondroitin, methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) and vitamin C. This combination seems to have helped her get this far.

Anyhoo, she’s about 110 pounds now. Yeah, 110 pounds! She’s quite lean and tall which is good and bad. She’s lean and reasonable muscular which helps a lot with her hip dysplasia (less weight for her to carry is good and more muscle is better). She’s tall enough now that we have to be careful what we leave on the kitchen counter tops as she has been caught a few times trying to snag a bite of something.

She is a very social dog and it’s unfortunate that many people are intimidated by her size as all she wants to do is greet them. Often when we go out for a walk (and she’s great going for reasonable length walks now) people will cross the street or otherwise avoid her. Not something that she really understands as a lot of people would pay great attention to her when she was a little 20lbs puppy.

There are advantages to her size though. We’ve had a few repair people in over the last couple months and it’s always nice to hear from The Boss about the reactions some of these burly repair men have to Roxie. She’ll come bounding along and apparently the repair people can become quite fearful until The Boss tells them that Roxie is friendly. Heck, if I saw a 110lbs dog heading towards me with it’s mouth open I might have to think for a few seconds. ;)

We’ll see how she is over the coming years with the munchkin but I doubt we’ll have anything to worry about. She’s already demonstrated a couple times that she is protective of the munchkin. Nothing too serious and probably nothing that was noticed by anyone other than myself and The Boss. Saints are known for being good with children and Labs are big goof balls so hopefully Roxie will remain a goof ball that’s good with kids. ;)

13 thoughts on “Roxie the Saint Bernard Labrador Mix”

  1. I just wanted to ask if you have any pictures of Roxie? I have a dog that is huge and she’s just a pup. I just can’t figure out what she is. I know she is lab and I think she is might have saint bernard in her. She is an absolutely loving dog that wants you to make over her and she is so gentle with my 2 yr old. I have been searching the web for answers when I ran across your story. Please feel free to email me.

  2. We have a bunch of pictures of Roxie in her gallery. You may also be interested in some pictures of the litter she came from so you can see some different markings. She’s got the markings of a Saint Bernard but the majority of her siblings don’t.

    It may be tough trying to figure out if your pup has any Saint Bernard in her. Without something obvious like her markings, most people wouldn’t really know Roxie had any Saint Bernard in her. She would just look like a really big labrador (about double the size of an average one).

  3. We just adopted a St. Bernard/Lab mix puppy (aprox 8 wks old) and I would like to know any info you can offer about this mix in particular.

  4. We are interested in getting a labranard. If anyone knows of any in the midwest area, please email me where. Thanks

  5. I too have a St. Bernard/Lab mix. He is now five years old. He is HUGE. He is one of the best dogs I have ever had and he is absolutely gorgeous. He looks like a chocolate lab only BIGGER. I would DEFINITELY get another dog like him. We also have two other labs and don’t get me wrong we love them too, but he is my absolute favorite.

  6. Many years ago I had a lab/st. bernard mix (Max). What a wonderful, good-natured dog! He looked like a giant yellow lab – and acted like one too – friendly and welcoming and enthusiastic (!) Any dog with lab in it has an excellent chance of having a good disposition, and st. bernards are also a friendly breed, so this dog has the best of two wonderful breeds.

    I had Max until he was about 9 months old when I realized that I couldn’t provide the amount of exercise he would need. I found him a wonderful family home in the country and from what I heard, it was an excellent match.

    The only thing that would discourage me from having a dog this large again is that we like to camp, and are trying to do more canoeing. It’s hard to take a 100lb+ dog in a canoe along with gear. My current lab will lay nicely in the bottom of the canoe, but that wouldn’t be possible with trip gear. My husband laughed when I suggested that we try to create a tow-along for the dog . I’m sure my canoeist father would be equally amused.

    Our family currently has a yellow lab who is now 10 years old and is a wonderful dog; his biggest problem currently is some arthritis type symptoms.

  7. Hi, Roxie is adorable! I just got a 6 week old pup who’s mom was a lab but we arent sure what the father was or where he is.. Her siblings all look different than her… She looks alot like Roxie only a little lighter… I’m wondering if I could email you a picture of her and maybe you can help me determine if she’s mixed w/ a St. Bernard. She’s pretty big for being 6 weeks and her paws are enormous..
    Thanks, Heather

  8. I have, so I was told a six month old St. Bernard Cheasepeek Retriever,He’s 60 lbs very tall 26 in height not head body lenght is 26 without head. When I say Retreiver St Bernard mix people look like I’m crazy He’s so sweet but already very pertective. Should I be concerned Barks at most people when were walking Barks at Children when it comes to children he keeps barking.

  9. We lost our Lab/pointer mix in March.. Max was 12 and survided 6 years after his first brush with cancer. He actually saved my mom and I from a burning building when he was 1..

    I am thinking about getting another dog and the Labranard looks like what I want. Can anyone tell me where I might look? Ive had no luck on the internet. I can drive a day to pick one up.. I’m located in Denver.

    Thanks again

  10. Hello, I currently have a 6 month old half golden retriever, a quarter lab, and a quarter st Bernard mix. I was wondering if anyone could give me information on the size. He is currently 75lbs and still growing, one person I met had a st Bernard golden retriever mix who looked exactly like Capone only she had shaggy long hair. Just trying to get an idea on how big he will end up being. He is very intelligent and sweet but gets cranky when he doesn’t go to the lakenor get his walk right away lol! Anyways any e mails are appriciated [email protected]

  11. We have a black lab St bernard mix She is 5 years old 120 lbs and the most gentle dog I have ever seen. Loves kids and any pet has never bit or even snapped. I only heard her growel once and it was because a storm was coming and she could here the thunder in the distance. Her best friends are 5 chickens a cat and a pug. If there is a stranger she barks and backs up to your side and doesn’t move until you tell her its ok. The only thing is when a child gets hurts and is laying on the ground she thinks she needs to protect them by laying on or beside them. Beside is ok on them is bad
    it is really hard to pull her off. Looks like a newfoundlander but smaller.

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