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Roxie Update

Here’s a little Roxie Update.

We’ve had Roxie (our Saint Bernard – Labrador mix) on a bit of a diet since she was spayed because the vet told us she had a pretty decent layer of fat on her already. That was a couple months ago. We weighed her last night (differential weighing is getting difficult!) and she came in at a whoping 92lbs. 9 months and 92lbs. Not bad! She’s about half my weight now.

She looks really good right now – leaner and taller than before she was spayed. She hasn’t actually lost any weight but we think she’s lost fat. Her belly isn’t rounded as much and we can sort of feel ribs again. That’s a good thing because with her grade 4 hip dysplasia, we don’t want her to have too much extra weight to carry. She’s been quite active recently too. Maybe part of it is due to losing some extra fat and gaining some new muscle. What ever it was, she’s bouncing around in the snow and even running for short distances when we are outside.

6 thoughts on “Roxie Update”

    1. Accidents. ;)

      While there might be some people actually trying to breed Saint Bernard – Labrador mixes, it’s not a “real” breed. Finding one is sort of a crap shoot. Finding one with a specific colouration/pattern is going to be even more tricky.

      Good luck!

  1. I think I have a St. bernard/Lab mix. His name is Daddy-O. The only way I can get a picture to you is through cell phones. Thanks, Renee.

    1. Not really. As with most mixes, you need to know what breed the parents were (or what mixes they were). Some times you can make a good guess based on how the dog looks – size, fur style/type, body structure/shape or facial structure/shape.

  2. I found him at the Garland Texas Animal shelter. He was about 5 months old, so do not know about his parentage. His feet are as big as my whole hand, and it has been this way since I got him, and I am no small woman. He is about a year old now, and he still has not completly grown into his feet. People always comment on Daddy, saying he is one of the most beautiful dogs they have ever seen. Thanks, Renee’

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