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    Why is it that watching snow removal is so fascinating?

    On the weekend I watched a truck moving snow in the parking lot outside my building. Really sort of wierd. It was just a big truck with a plow on the front, nothing interesting that way. It was neat to watch though. The guy just backs up and launches himself into the snow. Sort of like a controlled collision of sorts. ;)

    I only really noticed how fascinated by this I am just now. They are clearing out the lot here at work and I just had to stop and watch! ;) Here they have a big loader with a boxed plow on the front. It can move a lot more snow than a truck.

    It’s really neat.

    The other cool thing is the parking lot has a smooth cover of light fluffy snow and the wind keeps making patterns in it. You can watch it swirl around. There are even a few tornado like patterns every now and then. ;)

    I like snow.

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