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SQOTD: Merging

    SQOTD: You’ve just merged into traffic on a very busy highway with 4 lanes going in your direction. Do you:
    a) Stay in your wide open lane and start to accelerate?
    b) Stay in your wide open lane with your left turn signal on and accelerate?
    c) Move into the wide open lane to the left of you once you have checked that there is nothing there (there isn’t)?
    d) Slow down to half the speed limit and have your passenger try and tell you when to change lanes instead of making use of the wide open lane in front of you!

    Seems that D was the only choice today. Holy CRAP.

    So I’m cruisin’ home in the right lane, not even speeding for once, and this older woman is merging in from the right. No problem, I slow down to give her lots of room. Nope, by the time the merge lane is coming to and end, I’m braking hard and leaning on the horn to try to let her know she can come into the lane. So, that’s done. Now what does she do with this wonderfully wide open lane? She starts to slow down because the sun was behind us and she couldn’t see in her mirror. No problem. The person in the passenger seat tells her that it’s ok for her to go left. She is about half way into the lane when someone starts to come up in it (since we’re only doing about 50-60km/h now) which spooks the hell out of her. She swerves back into my lane and starts to slow down again. All this time the lane in front of her is still wide open.

    Jesus! I look in my mirror, nothing coming, think to myself, I could go around, nope, that’s just an accident waiting to happen. SO I wait. Eventually the co-driver convinces elderly woman to change lanes and then I am finally able to get going. Sort of funny because the woman basically changed lanes just in time to get stuck in the bumper to bumper traffic that was in the other three lanes. Very silly.

    Anyhoo. Once again I get to laugh at the terrible driving skills of someone else.

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