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State Funeral for Last Veteran of the First World War

Today the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion to hold a full state funeral for the last veteran of the First World War. The Dominion Institute started an online petition on November 6 requesting this to pay tribute to the over 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War.

2 thoughts on “State Funeral for Last Veteran of the First World War”

  1. Yeah, apparently Mr. Babcock (Jack? I thought it was John) has lived in the US since 1924 and there was some kerfuffle over him being potentially offered a state funeral. Oh well. I read a few of the comments on the Globe & Mail article and it seems a lot of people don’t quite “get” this offer of a state funeral. It’s not supposed to be a spectacle, it’s supposed to remind people about Canada’s involvement in World War One.

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