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Episode 9

    Well, Penny was sort of predictable. Ok, so maybe it was more of a 50/50 between her and Jake but you knew one of them was going.
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    Episode 8

      Looks like it’s over for the former Sook Jai people. I think Jake got sucked in by Clay and it’s quite obvious that Clay and the gang have full control.
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      Episode 6

        Wow, I forgot all about writing something on this show. Well, I didn’t actually watch much of it. We were at a friends place and only got to see bits and pieces near the end.
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        Episode 5

          Well, this show was a bit of a boring one. Nothing really interesting happened. Skater Boy is a big wimp. So he steps on something that takes a jab at his foot. Yeah, it may hurt but holy crap, Shi was right – big baby.
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