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Corn Snake Gallery

Here are a bunch of pictures of our Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus) that we have had since early 2002.

We adopted the corn snake (we call him* Little Head – yeah, I know, we’re not that creative) from a local reptile zoo / reptile rescue called Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo through a friend of ours who used to work at Little Ray’s. Our corn snake was part of a clutch that hatched in the zoo from a rescued female that turned out to be gravid (had eggs).

Now almost 6 feet long, it’s hard to remember when the snake would cling around your wrist like a little bracelet.

So, enjoy!

* Yeah so we never had the snake sexed so we don’t know if it’s a male or female. We used to think it was a female because of the way the tail tapered but it’s never produced eggs. Now we just refer to it as him or her interchangeably. Usually it’s just “the snake”.

Corn Snakes on Mythbusters

I was watching TV last night and Adam and Jamie had a bunch of corn snakes on Mythbusters. It was really funny because they were doing some sort of fear thing but all they had were these little corn snakes that were probably less than 3 months old. It was neat though because I remember how small Little Head was when we first got her. Now that she’s pushing 5 feet in length, it’s a little more difficult to just grab her in one hand. I could probably do the hat trick that Jamie did but it wouldn’t be quite as funny.

I had seen the clip of Jamie with the corn snakes on Mythbusters opening credits before but never actually saw the show where they had them. Now it all makes sense. ;)

New Corn Snake Enclosure

I finally got around to getting a new home for our corn snake. I had been trying to find what’s called a 40 gallon long tank. It’s length and width are the same as a “standard” 55 gallon tank (48″ x 12″). I never did find that tank though and I ended up buying a 48 gallon tank which is actually the same dimensions only a little taller but still shorter than a 55 gallon tank. Yeah, sort of silly, I know.

The whole plan to get a new enclosure has been going for almost a year now. When the 40G long tank became very difficult to get (ie impossible) I started to consider building an enclosure. The problem is I couldn’t use pine or cedar because they give off oils that aren’t good for corns. Of course, the other problem was how to seal the wood so it can be easily cleaned. Then I realized that I needed at least a partial glass bottom so I could put a heating pad on one side. And it goes on and on. I would love to have an enclosure that opens in the front. That’s the biggest problem right now and also why I didn’t want the 55 gallon tank. It’s quite difficult to reach the bottom of the tank if it’s on a surface that is too high off the floor.

Anyhoo, so I picked up a 48 gallon, almost double the amount of floor space of the old tank. Little Head has been exploring quite a bit. Hopefully it’s not too big for her and she’ll settle down over the next day or so.

Little Rays Reptile Zoo

We went to Little Rays Reptile Zoo last night for a Flashlight Tour of the zoo. It was really cool! We were able to see a lot of the noctural critters up and about. Normally those ones would be hidden away and you’d only catch a glimpse of them during the regular hours.

Litte Rays is where we adopted our corn snake (who you can see in the Picture Gallery) from so it fun to go back and talk to them about it. We were supposed to bring pictures with us but yesterday was a bit of a rushed day. Maybe next time. ;)