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Grade 4 Hip Dysplasia

Well, Roxie has grade 4 hip dysplasia. Basically it means she has no hips. The hip is supposed to be a ball and socket setup. Picture a socket shaped like a teacup. That is what a good socket should look like. Roxie’s is more like a dinner plate. It doesn’t do such a good job of keeping her leg bone in place.

Anyways, we’re going to see what we can do for her. Our vet is calling a bunch of places for us to find out what can be done and, of course, how expensive it’s going to be. Hip replacement is an option but it’s quite expensive and there are no guarantees.

She’s on pain meds for the time being. That is making it sort of interesting because she’s pain free and running around like a little puppy. We’re hoping that a couple weeks or months of pain meds will allow her to build more muscle in her rear. That should help stabilize her joints a bit more. Either way she needs more strength in her legs if we do get to the point of surgery.