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The Squirrel Strikes Again

    Jeff (one of my co-workers) dropped by this morning to tell me about his adventure while driving to the airport last week. He started smelling smoke as he was driving but it took him a few minutes to decide that it was actually coming from his car (smoke started coming in through his vents). Once he pulled over, it was obvious that smoke was coming from under the hood so he opened it up and discovered…

    Pine cones!

    He said that he pulled 240 pine cones out of the engine compartment. All this while trying to keep clean since he was heading out of town on business. He said he’s going to pick up a rat trap on the way home. Seems that he has either the same damn squirrel I did or some other small nut gathering critter that figured it had found a wonderful hiding spot for the winter.

    I guess some people just really like those pine air-fresheners.

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