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Tim Horton’s: Finders, Keepers.

    CBC News: Finders, keepers: Tim Hortons puts a lid on cup contest controversy

    Well, it’s about time. Tim Hortons has finally put an end to the controversy over a winning Roll up the Rim cup. The cup was found by a young girl in a school trash can. She was unable to roll up the rim and asked a friend to help her. The cup turned out to be a Toyota Rav4 winning cup. Once the parents of the two children got involved, they bickered over who actually “owned” the cup. A few days later another person stepped forward claiming that the cup was theirs and they wanted DNA testing done to prove it.

    Finally, Tim Hortons has said that the cup and the Toyota Rav4 belong to the parents of the young girl who found the cup. Finders, Keepers.

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