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Wind takes $10,000, but passing strangers return it

Canadian Money
Small towns are great. Where else would you be able to drop $10,000 on the ground, have the wind blow it around and get all of it back? I’d like to think this is just the wonderful people of Charlottetown that would do this but I know that there are probably many other small towns where you would have the same result.

Wind takes $10,000, but passing strangers return it

“There were women in dresses and everything. They were down underneath vehicles picking up the money. Young people were picking up the money and they were just saying, ‘Whose money is this?’ and bringing it to me and handing it to me. So it was just amazing that they were able to do that. I’m very happy and very grateful.” – Ian Walker

Now, it would have been even more comical if he ended up having more money in the end than when he started!

And for the strange, 6 degrees of separation part of the story, I think I actually know the Ian Walker who lost the money in the first place! Weird.

Image Credit – duckiemonster

2 thoughts on “Wind takes $10,000, but passing strangers return it”

  1. That story is so funny, I saw it on Compass last night and I never watch Compass. Ian was our real estate agent, he must be happy to have his cash back! His wife is a teacher, she was my grade 12 math teacher but is now in Charlottetown somewhere. I’d just break down crying I think!

    This is first time I’ve seen your site in a while, your dog is huge! Post more snake pictures! If you still have the snake that is.

    1. Hey that is the Ian I know! Well, I know his wife mostly – she lived the next street over and is one of my sister’s good friends.

      Funny you mention the snake, I was just thinking last night that it’s been a while since I posted anything about it.

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