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Items related to Operation Unison – the Canadian Forces operation to assist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Bay St. Louis Pictures

My father-in-law told us about this site.

Billy & DaNa’s

Apparently they have a lot of pictures of what’s going on in the Bay St. Louis, Mississippi area. Some pictures should have some of the Canadian military personel who are helping out.

Haven’t had a chance to sift through them all to see if we recognize anyone though. We’ll probably be doing that tonight. ;)

Oh yeah. The Canadians are the ones with the relish uniforms. ;) Like the guy in this picture.

Update: Took a quick look at some of the pictures and it looks like the back of my father-in-law in these pictures: 733.jpg 734.jpg 735.jpg

Not needed, Canadian warships head home from hurricane-battered coast

Not needed, Canadian warships head home from hurricane-battered coast

The ships are heading back but the army guys are still there. They are a little annoyed that they aren’t being put to more use but there are a lot of people there to help. That includes many people there to try and make a buck in the process. Nothing out of the ordinary though, just hard working contractors looking to help out with their skills for a reasonable price.

My father-in-law said that it’s been pretty crazy though. A war zone without the bullet holes seems to be one of the best descriptions. His only complaint right now are the cold showers he has to take because they don’t (or didn’t, it’s been a couple days) have hot water. Hehe. I guess with the temperature in the high 30s, most of them don’t really mind the cold showers too much.

Little need left for Canadian troops – World – Little need left for Canadian troops

Well, sounds like my father-in-law might be back sooner than everyone originally thought. Nothing wrong with that! It all seems sort of funny though if they do come back after only a couple weeks. That boat trip down took a lot of time and I’m sure a fair number of the army bunch might be a tad bit annoyed if they don’t spend a lot of time down there after roughing it on the boats. ;)

Oh well, as long as the job is getting done it’s all good.

Pensacola Florida might be base of operations

It sounds like Pensacola Florida might be the base of operations for the Canadian crew. Not entirely sure if it’s the whole contingent but it sounds like at least the army engineers and construction crews might be. Pensacola is pretty close to the whole area but it would mean trucking in supplies. Since New Orleans doesn’t really have a working port at the moment, it makes sense.

Oh, and the return travel for the army personel will be either by air or land. ;) My father-in-law sent me an email this morning and it sounds like a lot of his men won’t be making any plans to travel on a boat any time soon, if ever again. :)

Canadian ships headed to U.S. Gulf might have to go into port to avoid storm

Canadian ships headed to U.S. Gulf might have to go into port to avoid storm

Doh. 2-3 meter waves and stronger winds if they head out to sea further to avoid Ophelia. That’s going to make all those army boys really pleasant. ;) Hope they stocked up on Gravol before they left.

If they head farther east to avoid it, I wonder how much longer they will be at sea because of it. 360 to 480 km further east sounds like a fair distance to travel but maybe it’s not too bad if they start early enough. Hmm, if I could remember anything from high school geometry I could probably figure it all out. ;)