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BitPim 0.7.31 issues with Audiovox 8910

I recently grabbed the 0.7.31 version of BitPim (a very fabulous app for connecting to various cell phones) and I ran into a number of issues with it. I’ve opted to revert back to the 0.7.28 version as it was quite stable for my Audiovox 8910.

The newer version kept failing with nasty errors on a lot of different filesystem tasks. The older version works fine for everything I want to do with it so I’ll just stop at that version for now. Maybe I’ll get around to it and make a very simple app to grab pictures off of the phone. That’s all I really want.

Custom MP3 Ringtones on Audiovox 8910

Thanks to Mau108’s Guide (again) I now have a custom ringtone on my Audiovox 8910!

I figured I should give it a try since it seemed so simple. Of course, since I used my Apple iBook, it wasn’t quite as smooth as the guide suggests but that was only because I was missing some information. The guide is correct, it just needs a few tweaks (and a little more info) from what I was experiencing when doing this on my iBook.

You can use iTunes to produce the MP3 clips. Keep them under 30 seconds though. I kept crashing my phone until I shortened my test clip down to 22 seconds (better audio cut point). You can use the Start and Stop times on the Track Info page (select track, Apple Command Key-I, Options Tab) to do some simple editing.

Go to your iTunes preferences and the Importing options. Set a custom encoding here:

  • Stereo Bit Rate: 48kbps
  • Sample Rate: 22.050KHz
  • Channels: Mono

iTunes will probably give you a warning about using non-default values. If it does, hit the Don’t Change button. Then you just go ctrl-click on the track you want to use and select “Convert Selection to MP3”. ctrl-click again and Use Finder to find the file. You’ll rename this to 10.dat (as per the guide).

You can use TextEdit to edit the 10.gcd file. It’s just a plaintext file anyways.

The only sort of stupid thing is I can’t figure out if the track is supposed to loop if you let it keep ringing. Right now I keep getting this stutter when the track gets to the end. Not that big a deal I guess. It doesn’t seem to cause any problems.

Oh, once you reboot, go to Menu> Downloads> Ringers and you should see your new ringtone. Select it, hit Options and you should be able to “Set As..” to set it as your ringtone.

Audiovox 8910, BitPim, OS X and downloading pictures

Well, I finally got my USB data cable for my Audiovox 8910 cellphone. I had ordered it a while back through eBay. $10USD shipped. That’s a lot better than the $99.99CAD+tax that the Bell Store wanted for it.

Anyhoo, of course what’s the first thing I want to do? DOWNLOAD PICTURES! hehe. What else?

I tried at first to just connect it to my iBook but that didn’t seem to get me anywhere. I managed to find the BitPim application that has executables for Windows, Linux and OS X! I did get a little worried though when I saw they don’t support the Audiovox 8910. Oh No!

Now I had problems getting it to work on the iBook. I gave up and went to the XP box and had even more trouble. Finally I managed to find MAU108’s (& blu3ad3pt1’s) site which had a link to a newer version of the Curitel drivers. Once I started using those on the XP box everything started to work!

I got curious then and went back to the iBook. For some reason now it just worked. I’m not sure if this is because I was originally doing everything wrong or if it had something to do with getting it to work on the WinXP box. I had installed some ProlificUSBtoSerial driver I found on thephonemall.net and that might have been what allowed it all to work. I’m not sure because I deleted that driver and it still works. Maybe there’s something left over on the iBook from that driver install.

Anyhoo,it’s all good now! I can download all the stupid pictures I take with my camera phone now.