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Beer prices across Canada

BeerI stumbled across a link on the CBC website where a reporter from Calgary had called a number of liquor stores across Canada to find out the price of a dozen Labatt Blue. The Beer Facts  indicates that the price in Ottawa is among the lowest (Yippee!). It’s sort of surprising to see that Ottawa came in with the third lowest price for a dozen Labatt Blue. Around here many people will make the short drive across the river to La Belle Provence to pick up a couple cases from the local dépanneur. I hear the King of Beer (Le Roi des Bières) in Aylmer is the place to go. ;)

If I remember correctly, Blue is considered a “local” brand across Canada so it doesn’t get nailed with the “premium” beer costs. Beers like Keith’s (my personal favorite) cost more here in Ottawa as it’s classified as an import since it’s trucked in from Nova Scotia.

Now, it strikes me as odd that the reporter would call a bunch of stores in different provinces yet leave out 2 provinces and 2 territories. Why not make those extra 4 phone calls and have a sample of pricing from each province and territory?

Updated: The original “The Beer Facts” article is no longer available but I was able to track down the prices it referenced:

Vancouver:   $24.70
Calgary:     $24.99
Regina:      $24.50
Winnipeg:    $19.25
Ottawa:      $20.50
Montreal:    $19.49
Halifax:     $20.99
St. John's:  $22.25
Yellowknife: $26.90

Image credit – DeusXFlorida