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Groceries for downtown Charlottetown

Groceries for downtown Charlottetown.

Sounds like there is a new grocery store opening in Charlottetown PEI. It will be nice for the people who live in the downtown area as they will be able to walk to get groceries now. Yeah, so the topic in general is sort of boring but there’s one quote in the article that made me laugh:

“Next to the liquor store, what more could one ask? It’s one-stop shopping.”

Fabulous! The only thing that would be better is a porn shop on the other side of the grocery store, then it would really be one stop shopping.

PEI Webcam Shots

A picture from the PEI webcam showing someone Jaywalking.

A picture from the PEI webcam showing someone Jaywalking.

I happened to stop by the CBC Prince Edward Island website just now and thought this image was fitting. What else would you expect to see on a street in downtown Charlottetown other than a person jay-walking?? hehe. Good old reliable PEI.

Google Maps

I really like Google Maps. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple weeks on and off. I was sort of annoyed at first that they didn’t have data on all Canadian cities but that appears to have been fixed now. Search for Charlottetown PEI gives me a wonderful view of the city.

I also found that it’s possible to put your own map points into a map. Engadget has a fabulous article about how to do it using Firefox and some addins. I’d really like to get something like this working without having to use Firefox though. It would be super handy for creating a map Halifax with all sorts of information for the wedding.

Maybe I’ll be smart and figure out something or maybe I’ll just be lucky and someone else will do it soon. ;)