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DND/CF : Media Advisory : Deploys in support of Operation UNISON

DND/CF : Media Advisory : Deploys in support of Operation UNISON

More information on what’s happening Tuesday with respect to Operation UNISON. We’re going to be setting up the PVR to capture ATV’s news broadcasts during the day. Who knows, we might see my father-in-law. ;)

DND/CF : News Room

DND/CF : News Room : Archives

Media releases from Department of National Defense/Canadian Forces. A couple tidbits of information so far on what they are doing for Hurricane Katrina efforts.

Hurricane Katrina Comes Closer to Home

CBC News: Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana

Hurricane Katrina is getting closer to home. We just found out this evening that my father in law is being deployed to Louisiana. He’s a military engineer and will be leading a group of engineers likely in rebuilding efforts.

He’s looking forward to it but I don’t think he’s going to enjoy the way he’s travelling. Apparently he’s being transported on the HCMS Toronto – not something he’s looking forward to. He joined the army and not the navy for some good reasons. ;)

I’ll see if I can keep track of what he’s up to over the next month or so. Both he and my mother in law were planning to come visit us in a couple weeks. Guess that’s on hold now. ;) It’s for a good reason though.