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Nova Scotia bus accident sends 4 to hospital

CBC Prince Edward Island – N.S. bus bus accident sends 4 to hospital

RCMP credit the driver’s experience for preventing further injury.

They’re kidding right?

If the driver had any experience they would have run over the rabbit and there would have been no injuries at all. No one in their right mind would put their own life and the lives of their passengers in danger over a rabbit. Yes, it would suck to run over the rabbit but it would suck even more if one or more of those kids got killed.

Google Maps – Chapel to Reception

I was playing around with Google Maps again and I discovered that it does a pretty good job of finding places by address alone. So, I tried to get a route from the Chapel to Reception. Wow! It worked quite nicely. I might have to update all the maps on the wedding website to use the Google ones. They look much nicer! :D