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A new take on prefab housing

The Globe and Mail has a story on a new take on prefab housing. A new address, fresh off the line describes the assembly line approach to prefab housing that Mattamy Homes is currently using in Milton, Ontario. The method they use is to build the houses in a “factory” on-site and truck the entire (almost) finished house out to be placed on an awaiting foundation. In 10 days a house is completed and ready to be placed on the foundation. All that remains to be done is to perform final finishing work.

I’m wondering if Mattamy Homes will be using this concept here in the Ottawa area when they start construction of the Half Moon Bay community in Barrhaven. If so, it would be interesting to go and see the process.

There are also some other benefits that the article failed to touched upon. Think about how nice it would be to move into that neighbourhood while it is still under construction. You’d be less likely to have to deal with construction noise during daylight hours as the prefab houses would be dropped in to place. No hammering day in and day out!