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YukonMac – New Apple iPod Shuffle: Now With Display

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Why, oh why do people keep wanting a screen on the shuffle? Shuffle. That’s the point. If you want a small capacity MP3 player with a screen and lots of other functionality then go buy one of the many MP3 players out there.

It’s much like the CD changer in my truck, if I put it on shuffle I have no idea what’s coming up next. I know what CDs are in it though so I can control if I want to hear certain groups or songs. If a song I don’t want to hear comes on I just skip to the next random song.

I’m getting a shuffle as soon as the hipe eases off. It would be fabulous for bringing to work since I don’t want to cart around gigs worth of music on my 3G iPod. That’s better for long trips in the truck.