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Speeding senior escapes street racing penalties

Speeding senior escapes street racing penalties

Hmm, wonder if I can use this arguments if I get pulled over going more than 50km/h over the speed limit:

“I’m not a stunt driver and never was,” Harding said. “At my age, it’s not something I’m going to start to do.”

Start to do? You already are a “stunt driver” if you got clocked doing 50km/h over in an 80km/h zone. If you’re capable of doing it once, you’ve probably done it before and you’ll probably do it again.

Now, apparently all you have to do to get your speed reduce to 49km/h over the limit is say that you’re on my way to a doctors appointment and that you shouldn’t have to follow the same highway traffic laws as everyone else because you’re old.

Something tells me that this sort of argument from a 30-something wouldn’t fly. Heck, I’ll bet a 60-something would have a hard time getting away with something like this. The “street racing” law doesn’t have an age limit and contrary to what Mr. Harding’s friend Douglas Biggs states, the law is not designed to reduce street racing fatalities among young drivers. It’s designed to get dangerous drivers off of the roads and thus try to reduce fatalities among all of the rest of us on the roads.

It’s not just about young drivers.